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Vote for the Pop T-shirt you want to buy

It's time to memorialize Gregg Popovich's achievement of winning 1000 games with the Spurs, and what better way to do that than with a T-shirt? But which design goes on sale is up to you.

As you probably know, I love the cool Spurs-related T-shirts that our partner BreakingT has been producing. They're durable, crazy-soft, and as clever as a Manu Ginobili behind-the-back pass. From the Five Banners shirt, to The Hand, to the Big 3 Tribute, each one is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Up to now, Mrs. Wilco and I have been working with BreakingT on which design we would go with. (In fact, she even designed the Big 3 shirt herself.) But this time I have decided to let you guys in on the decision process and choose which shirt you would buy to commemorate Gregg Popovich's 1000th win. Two designs and a poll are below. So you can vote with your mouse before you vote with your wallet.

Pop 1000 with action lines


Pop 1000 around a basketball


Mrs. Wilco likes the first design best, but I love the second one. May the best shirt win.