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What do you see in the San Antonio Spurs?

J.R. Wilco makes his first appearance of the season on the Phil Naessens Show to talk about how LaMarcus Aldridge is fitting in, and to answer an unexpected question.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's been over half a year since I've done a podcast with Phil Naessens, and a lot has happened for him and the Spurs. He's moved from Greece to Ohio and finally to New York, where he's once more comfortably ensconced behind a microphone and doing what he does best.

I'm the first guest on his show, his description of the whole hour is below, and he asked me an interesting question that really made me think, "When you see the Spurs, what do you see?" Listen to the podcast to hear my answer.

On this edition of the Phil Naessens ShowPounding the Rock Managing Editor J.R. Wilco joins Phil to discuss the San Antonio Spurs, their longevity as a team and how important LaMarcus Aldridge is to their defense, Athletics Nation Managing Editor Alex Hall joins Phil to discuss several of the Oakland Athletics off-season moves, Fear the Sword Writer Justin Rowan joins Phil to talk Cleveland Cavaliers basketball, how much differently the Cavs will look when Kyrie Irving returns, LeBron James' crazy 42,000 plus minutes played before the age of 30 and much more. Phil then replays his tennis segment with Craig Doyle and the guys talk about Great Britain winning this year's Davis Cup. Finally Pastor Michael Newnham joins Phil to discuss his series of Christian Devotionals called Make Your Own Application.

The mp3 is available here.

The player is below:

After you've listened to it, leave your own answer in the comments: When you see the Spurs, what do you see?