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The Spurs are allowing the fewest free throw attempts in NBA history

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs are allowing opponents to score just 88.5 points per game. If that holds for the rest of the season, it will rank as the 22nd fewest points allowed per game by a team in the three-point era and it would be the lowest total in the last 10 seasons. The last time a team held their opponent to 88.5 points or less per game was during 2005-06 when the Grizzlies held opponents to 88.5 ppg.

The most remarkable thing about the Spurs holding their opponents under 89 points this season is that the league is playing at a blazing pace of 96.4 possessions per game compared to the crawling 90.5 pace that the league played at in 2005-06 (per

One tactic that is contributing to the Spurs limiting opponent's scoring is keeping them off of the free throw line. The Spurs have always put an emphasis on keeping their opponent off the charity stripe, but this season they've taken it to a new extreme, allowing just 17.3 free throw attempts per game, the lowest total in the history of the league by a healthy margin.

The Spurs' defense has been so stingy (92.2 points allowed per 100 possessions) this season that even with an offense just outside of the top ten, the Spurs' net rating is currently +10.5. That's better than the 2013-14 championship Spurs (+8.1) and over a full season would be the league's 4th best rating in the Duncan era (1997-present). It should be noted that the Warriors currently have an absurd net rating of +16.7, led by an unbelievable offensive rating of 113.7. I'm looking forward to January 25th.