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Watch Kawhi Leonard drop seven threes on the Grizzlies

The kid hit a career high in threes and keeps dropping jaws in San Antonio. Check out a little highlight video of Whi's deadly deep-balls against the Grizz.

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard scored 27 points (7-for-9 from deep) in 33 minutes of work. Not much needs to be said here -- if you can get Tim Duncan to react the way he does at the end of this clip, you're on another level.

It's not fair that the Spurs got to develop Kawhi slowly while still employing their big three. Not only do the Spurs have a Kawhi but the world's attention is on the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry and not on Kawhi and the Spurs, just how Gregg Popovich likes it. The good guys should enjoy it while they can, there's only so many times Steph can drop 40 before there's nothing left to say about it.

Music: "Unclean Waters" by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band off of their album, Buck Jump.