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David West talks just like a Spur

It's almost like they're training him or something.

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Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview in the Indy Star, David West West spoke candidly, honestly, and just like a Spur.

A few quotes from the piece:

On the mentality in San Antonio

[...] in terms of the goal this year and every year here the focus is winning and winning a championship. I guess when you get here, it's not even an expectation. You understand through the preparation that's what you're in here for.

On joining the Spurs:

I wanted to be part of the Spurs. I wanted to learn. We get to share a locker room with four Hall of Fame guys. Every day, on bus rides, watch them prep and watch them warm up. Watch them mentally break stuff down and mentally figuring stuff out after all these years and still having the passion to do it. That's just something that's so unique and something I'm really relishing being around. Watching these guys do it every day is really some next level stuff.

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