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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Indiana Pacers

Boris Diaw Edition.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a frequent reader of GIF Breakdown you know I really enjoy watching Boris Diaw play basketball and the big Frenchman had a pretty solid game against the smaller Pacers on Monday night. So that's my excuse for showing nothing but Boris highlights in this one. Diaw is a versatile and key piece for the Spurs and will be important against the Warriors this (post)season as a counter to small-ball.

If you're looking for Kawhi Leonard highlights, be sure to check out Michael Erler's recap.


Boris got his first points of the game by taking advantage of some lazy transition defense from Indy. Manu Ginobili deserves a nod for his nonchalant, 45-foot perfect-pass. Rodney Stuckey, as we will see, did not have a good time with Boris Diaw at the AT&T Center.

You would think that the Pacers would have brought help here since there is absolutely no way that Stuckey is going to stop Bobo but Indy lets the one-on-one play happen and Boris ends up with an easy bucket.

Stuckey is again in an unwinnable position and Diaw deals more punishment down low. It was here that I started to feel a little bit sorry for the 6' 5" Pacer.

C.J. Miles gave guarding Boris a shot and didn't fare any better than Stuckey.

Look at this pass! I mean...that is just beautiful. You watch, Boris Diaw, like in 2013-14 as the answer to Miami's trapping, is the key this season. We'll see about this small ball everyone is so excited about.

Let's end this edition with a pretty reverse from Diaw inside of three Pacers.