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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Déjà vu edition

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

There were several occasions in the game where a team either ran the same play on back-to-back possessions or in the case of this video, had a sequence of similar events happen twice. David West gets his shot blocked twice in the video by Josh Smith, who somehow manages to negate his great defensive plays by also turning the ball over twice.

The Clippers run the same set for Chris Paul on consecutive possessions, with Blake and DeAndre setting high screens for Paul. Tim sags off Paul in the first and the Clippers point guard gets an open look and sinks it. Tim shows hard on the second but Chris Paul perhaps beats Tony Parker to his spot and gets the officials to award him a couple freebies. Whether or not Paul deserved the free throws, we should appreciate Tony's solid effort.

A little later in the quarter the Tim Duncan and LaMarcus Aldridge hook up 30 seconds apart for a couple of easy hi-lo buckets on Griffin. This is getting too easy for them.

And the Clippers hurt the Spurs with a couple of CP3/Blake give-and-go pick-and-pops.

Bonus GIF:

There's just so much that I like about this little sequence after Patty Mills went crashing to the floor after an end-of-quarter try at a bucket.

There's Manu Ginobili running over to Patty, picking him up like a child who has fallen off of his bike, Patty going limp and letting it happen, and then Gino giving him a little pat on the butt and sending him on his way.

Tim Duncan, great teammate that he is, is there in case he's needed, of course. I mentioned how legendary these three (Patty, Timmy and Manu) are as teammates after Danny Green hit a three a couple of games back and El Trio de Corazone Puro were the biggest cheerleaders in the building.

Points to Jonathon Simmons for coming all the way from the bench in support. I see you.

Completely ignoring the photographer is pretty great, as well.

Until next time. This team is so easy to root for.