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Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan make NBA Jedi Council

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Lewis (@minutemandan) over at Hardwood Paroxysm published The Definitive NBA Jedi Council and awarded Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard seats. Here's the premise:

The Star Wars universe existed in a galaxy far, far away a long time ago, but the principles they stood for continue to this day.

Traditionally the twelve seats of the Council were filled by five lifetime members, four long-term members, and three limited-term members. Applying those parameters to the NBA, that would be five Hall of Famers, four active players that are probable Hall of Famers, and three All-Stars. Here are the players that should be on the NBA Jedi Council to help encourage open thought, free speech, mutual respect, and a shared noble purpose, free from ego and jealousy.

Tim Duncan is the most obvious pick for a seat as a long-term member.

Tim Duncan is one of the top players in NBA history, and he isn't done yet. Four years at Wake Forest, 18 years with the San Antonio Spurs and he's still nearly averaging a double-double while playing elite defense. He was one of the most anticipated draft selections of the last 25 years, and helped launch a NBA dynasty with Gregg Popovich. When Duncan retires, he'll be one of the best power forwards in the history of the league. He has a NBA Finals championship in three different decades, and a spot on the High Council.

You'll have to check out the article to see what was said of our young Jedi, Kawhi. It's a fun read.

Personally, I'd give Obi Wan Ginobili a seat, but to each his own. I'm just saying, Manu might actually be using the force.