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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs at Chicago Bulls

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs have struggled in clutch situations this season, ranking 24th in net rating (minus -15.7)  in the last five minutes of a game within a five point margin and they're 4-3 in those games. The late game execution was really disappointing in the Spurs' loss to the Bulls, but in this feature we focus on what the Spurs did well. Just a quick review of a couple of nice plays and moves.


In his 17th game and 444th minute on the court this season, Tim Duncan recorded his first dunk of the season. He's converting 80% of his field goals from 0-3 feet this season, which would be a career high by a wide margin. Perhaps the no-dunking Duncan is a more efficient Duncan -- he's also posting his third highest fg% in his 19th season. Quit showing off out there, Big Fun.

LaMarcus Aldridge put together a nice performance, hitting 10 of his 18 attempts for 21 points and grabbing 12 boards. Perhaps he could have checked back into the game a little earlier in the fourth. He finished +11, second only to Kawhi's +14, on the night.

I keep thinking that Kawhi Leonard can't keep surprising me, but every game the kid does something and I fall out of my chair. During the Nuggets game Jeff McDonald tweeted, "Swear, Kawhi Leonard gets to 20 points more stealthily than any player in NBA history." That's a crazy thing to think not just because TIMOTHY THEODORE DUNCAN PLAYS FOR THE SPURS AND NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME REGULARLY GOT 20 ON THE SLY LIKE BIG FUN but because Kawhi does so many memorable things during each game. I don't know how a steal and breakaway slam is stealthy, it's scoring 2 points in about as flashy a manner as there is and it happens every game. Kawhi is the brightest thing on the screen. He's everywhere, doing everything, cramming oops, raining hellfire from deep, working in the post, knocking down turnaround jumpers. Watch him take Taj Gibson for a ride and try to forget it.

Let's finish this edition with Boris Diaw dancing through the lane and getting the reverse to drop.

The Spurs try again on Wednesday when they host the Bucks. Game tips at 7:30.