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The Spurs are going to be good for a long, long time

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As long as Danny Green "stops sucking."

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Life is good for the Spurs. Even with the eventual retirement of the big three, the league's most successful franchise is in good hands with Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and new addition LaMarcus Aldridge.

Another Aldridge, David, wrote a wonderful piece on recently.

Best quote of the article? Has to be this one from Tim Duncan:

"We've got a good core here. We've got a good bunch of young guys. And, obviously (we're) adding L.A. to that. As long as Danny stops sucking" -- Green, seated next to Duncan, was waiting for the zinger -- "and Kawhi is obviously on his way up and is going to be incredible, there's going to be a good team here for a long time. We've done that over the years. The organization has continued to put people into place where they're coming along, and there's no lull in what we do."


And more life advice from Gregg Popvich:

"My life will stay the same," Pop said last week. "When those three guys leave, my life will stay the same. It's basketball. It's not my life. It's basketball."