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Boban Marjanovic seems to terrify Tyler Hansbrough

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The 7'3' fan favorite, Boban Marjanovic, can make anyone standing next to him look like a small child -- even the guy also known as "Psycho T."

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Silver and Black's recently acquired 7'3" Center, Boban Marjonovic, has stolen the hearts of Spurs fans in the short amount of time he's seen the floor this season. While he may be loved in San Antonio, other big men around the league seem to be, well, terrified of him.

6'9" Tyler Hansbrough, judging by his face, wants no part of big Boban late in Saturday's game against Charlotte (Vine via @calebjsaenz)

Boban can make nearly any player around the league look like a small child when standing next to him. I don't blame you, Tyler.