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Ticket deal for Spurs vs 76ers: Have your picture taken with the Spurs' five banners

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Get early access to the arena, step onto the court, and have your picture taken with all five of the Spurs' Championship Banners. Oh, and you also get to see the Spurs play the Sixers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This year's first Pounding the Rock Night at the AT&T Center was a blast. Not only did we get to see the new Spurs in uniform for the first time, but the good guys blew the game out in the second half and we got to watch Boban Marjanovic dominate garbage time.

Next up, we have a new opportunity we've never been given before. Tickets to the November 14 game against the Philadelphia 76ers include a special time before the game to stand on the court and have your picture taken with the five Championship Banners.


Anyone interested can click on the image above, or simply follow this link. I hope to see you there.