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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Atlanta Hawks

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably heard that the Spurs have the best defensive rating in the league, and having the reigning DPoY and Tim Duncan, who should have a half dozen of the awards, make that feat easier to achieve. But it's a full team effort that makes it tough for the opposing teams put the ball through the bucket.

Manu Ginobili has missed his last 10 three point attempts -- regressing to the mean as he likes to say, he's turned the ball over four times in each of the last two games he's played, and he still is +20 in those games. This pass is fun.

I don't understand Boris Diaw, I love his game when he's interested, but I don't get him.

First 10 games: 19 min, 6.3 points (52%), 3 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1 stock (steals and blocks), .9 turnovers. plus 7.3

Games 11-15: 16 min, 1.8 points (26.7%), 2.6 rebounds, 1.6 assists, .2 stocks, 1.2 turnovers. minus 3.6

Games 16-17: 19.7 min: 7.5 points (63.6%), 3.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, .5 stocks, 1 turnover. plus 5.0

I'd love to know what it is that motivates Bobo.

Great patience, timing and ball placement from Kyle Anderson, good help from Patty and Boris running interference and great movement from The Manu.

This is mildly hypnotic. Beautiful.

Among players that shoot at least four three-pointers a game, Kawhi Leonard has the highest 3-pt percentage (49.2%) in the league. And consider this, he started the season 4-of-16. He's hit 28-of-49 (57.1%) since. Perhaps a more promising stat from the same split -- in his first five games of the season he averaged .8 assists per game and turned the ball over 2.4 times. In the 11 games since, he's averaging 3.2 assists per contest and only giving it away .9 times. Kawhi creating for his teammates and making those around him better should be a terrifying thought for the league.

If a player's teammate runs Kawhi into his path and the ball gets swiped from the ball-handler I think it's fair to blame the teammate. You'd be rightfully upset if a buddy of yours brought a known thief to your place and you came up a little short at the end of the night.

Let's end this edition with a trio of Jonathon Simmons plays. The first features a nice two-man game with Boris Diaw, the second is a nice use of a screen to knock down a mid-range J, and the last is a late shot-clock drive that with a bucket and a foul. I'm rooting for Simmons to earn a long-term spot in the wing rotation.

Bonus Video:

This trio is pure of heart.

If you're wondering why there were no Tim Duncan plays, I'm working on something about Big Fun.