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What does a Warriors fan have to worry about?

J.R. Wilco couldn't wait until next year, to start a conversation with Warriors fan and Golden State of Mind writer Andrew Flohr to discuss the Warriors' great start and their eventual matchup with the Spurs.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I hope it's not news to you, but the Golden State Warriors are playing well. So well in fact, that they just set an NBA record by starting their season on a 16-0 win streak. The San Antonio Spurs are also playing pretty well, they're second in the West, and while they're finding a way to incorporate all of the talent they added in the off season, the league's leaders are cruising.

You may know that I love to have conversations with bloggers who cover other teams, but I pretty much only do it when there's an upcoming game or two against the team in question. But there's a problem.

See, the Spurs and Warriors don't meet until January. Until late January to be precise. And I just couldn't wait that long to talk about the team that's setting the league on fire. So I reached to Andrew Flohr, one of the writers at the excellent Golden State of Mind, and we're in the middle of a conversation about the Warriors and Spurs right now. In November. Two months ahead of time. And I'm not going to apologize.

And I'm serious when I say that the conversation is ongoing. This page will automatically update when each new section is finished, so check back or follow on Twitter to know when the latest part of the conversation is ready to read.

As always, we're using ReplyAll to facilitate the conversation.

For anyone interested, ReplyAll is a fantastic and incredibly easy to use tool that enables conversations. Since I started doing the Fraternizing with the Enemy series of conversations back in 2010, it is the innovation that changed the process from the clunky mess it was, to the breeze it is today. Instead of cobbling together mounds of text from a dozen emails and wrestling with formatting, I can focus on the conversation and let a single line of HTML do the rest. Anyone who can benefit from such a tool should definitely check them out.