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Nazr Mohammed speaks eloquently about Tim Duncan's greatness

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The former NBA big man lists his all-time 6 hardest players to guard. No surprise, Duncan is on the list.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent article titled "The 6 Toughest Players I've Ever Guarded," written by Nazr Mohammed for The Players Tribune, the former NBA big man spoke glowingly of Tim Duncan.

When you were guarding him, he had a move, and a counter, and another counter, and then about 50 other counters just in case the first three moves didn't work out. And you could always tell that he had scouted you because he'd devise a unique way to attack you based on what you did to slow him down the last time you played. Tim is the perfect example of what happens when you combine skill, talent and work ethic.

Other players on the list included Shaq, Yao Ming, and Dirk Nowitzki among others.

Read the whole article. It is really interesting!

(h/t Nazr Mohammed/The Players Tribune)