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Manu Ginobili out for two games: hip tightness

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The Argentine has been playing fantastic basketball, and now he'll be taking a rest.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

From the official San Antonio Spurs injury report:

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili (bilateral hip tightness) will miss the next two games.  He will be re-evaluated prior to Saturday's game vs. Memphis.

So, after I had my "Oh, no!" moment, I remembered the silver lining(s): first, it's not a serious thing and won't hold him out for long; second, there's a school of thought that says that if he's going to get hurt (and we are talking about Manu here -- the man who can't give anything less than 110%, even though that's impossible) then it's best for him to get little nicks throughout the season and get healed up from them all and not have 82 game's worth of wear and tear on his 38-year-old body.

Deep breath. Remember that Timmy, Kawhi, Tony and LaMarcus are still healthy. Exhale.