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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Kings

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A quick look at some plays from the Spurs win in Sacramento.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Rasual Butler made a couple of nice plays midway through the second quarter to bolster his case for the fourth wing in the rotation. This drive and dish to Tim Duncan is as good as it gets.

Butler's full sprint hustle leads to an easy layup. Nice reward. He finished 3-of-5 from the field and tallied two rebounds, assists and steals in 14 minutes of play.

Tim Duncan, not quite as graceful as he once was in working through a double team, is better at his job while falling down than you are at whatever it is that you do.

Patty Mills couldn't find the bottom of the net from deep but he racked up an impressive eight assists and two secondary assists in just 23 minutes of play while committing just one turnover.

Five seconds, three dribbles, three passes, two points.

Gino and Patty again make it pretty on the break. So far this season we've seen Kawhi Leonard add Duncan's consistency to his game and now he's flinging outlet passes like the Timmy. Perhaps he should add a magical brace for longevity.

I think everyone misses Marco Belinelli, especially with the depth issues the Spurs have at the wing. He's such a fun player to watch with his wily, unorthodox style. Great pass, Beli, make that money.