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Spurs vs. Celtics First half Score: Spurs lead Celtics, 44-31

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After a slow start for both teams, Spurs lead the Celtics by 13 at halftime by holding the Celtics to only 31 first half points.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs lead the Celtics at halftime after a slow start from both ball clubs, with no scoring from either side in the first three minutes of the game. Spurs began 1-for-7 from the field but were forcing difficult shots and turnovers on the defensive end. With five minutes left in the first quarter, Boston was 2-for-11 and San Antonio was 3-for-12. Good guys went on a run though to close out the first quarter hitting seven of their last eight shots.

Kawhi Leonard is still attacking offensively, with his new-and-improved midrange step-back and recently developed post game. It’s a strange (but good) feeling knowing the Spurs have a guy they can simply give the ball to and let go to work.

Patty Mills and Boris Diaw continue to give the second unit a spark offensively, but the team as a whole looked a little out of sync on offense. SA shot 37% from the field but still have a 13 point lead after going on a run to close the second quarter and holding the Celtics to only 31 first half points. Let's hope the Spurs close this one out for Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker who are looking to become the winningest trio in NBA history with a win this afternoon.