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Tim Duncan once sang Guns N' Roses to Brook Lopez during a game

Brook Lopez's older brother Chris recounts a story from 2010 in which Tim Duncan sang a Guns N' Roses song to Brooke during a free throw.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever witnessed two players seem to be chatting while lined up during a free throw, and wondered what they could possibly be talking about during a game? Perhaps they could be discussing a recent play, arguing, or simply talking trash. Well, they could very well be serenading each other.

Brook Lopez's older brother, Chris, told ESPN about a moment back in 2010 between Brook and Tim Duncan, in which he saw Duncan talking into Lopez's ear during a free throw. When he asked Brook what Tim said, he gave the greatest answer imaginable:

"... I was like 'Hey, in the middle of that fourth quarter I saw Timmy lean over and say something to you, what did he say?' And Brook got this big smile on his face and he said the speakers in the arena were playing [Guns N' Roses'] "Welcome to the Jungle! We’ve got fun and games!" And he said Timmy was mouthing that in his ear."

Here's the article from ESPN.

In our constant analysis and critique of these players' in game performances, we sometimes forget that they're people, just like us.