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Top 10 San Antonio Spurs stories of the offseason

As the start of perhaps the most anticipated season in Spurs' history approaches, we reflect on the news from the past 5 months that made the biggest waves and the posts that helped us beat the offseason blues.

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10) Here's how the Spurs can sign LaMarcus Aldridge while also bringing back "The Big Four"
The offseason for the Silver and Black arrived sooner than we'd hoped, but Michael Erler (with cautious pessimism) quickly got to work illustrating how a pipe dream could become a reality, and in turn mentally prepared the Spurs faithful for an exciting splash in free agency.

9) The Top 10 Spurs Players from the championship drought (2008-2013)
This walk down Memory Lane with former Spurs you either miss, forgot, or detest also served as a reminder that we truly are a spoiled fan base.

8) The best defensive play in Spurs history
The Klaw may have literally saved the Spurs' 2014 championship hopes single-handedly with a big play in the biggest of moments.

7) A Spurs farewell to Tiago Splitter
After a wildly successful push in free agency, Michael Erler penned touching and honest tributes to Tiago Splitter and other fan favorites who departed from San Antonio.

6) Kawhi Leonard ranked 10th on SI's top 100 list
Sports Illustrated's talented staff declared a truth of which Spurs fans were already aware--Kawhi has arrived as one of the world's premiere players.

5) Becky Hammon leads Spurs to Summer League  Championship
The triumph of the Summer Spurs crowned Kyle Anderson and Jonathon Simmons as MVP's, while Becky Hammon's personal success became yet another landmark moment in NBA history for Pop's pupil.

4) David West doesn't fit with the Spurs' second unit
One of many stellar offseason pieces from our very own Jesus Gomez, this first of a three-part series was both a reality-check and a source of controversy among this site's readers.

3) Spurs land LaMarcus Aldridge, dominate free-agency
The apex of the most exciting July in franchise history was reached when LaMarcus Aldridge, after a 3-day courting period that felt like an eternity to Spurs fans, officially announced he was coming home to Texas to join the coach, players, and organization he had revered for so long.

2) Gregg Popovich named Team USA Basketball Men's National Team Head Coach for 2017-20
Not to be upstaged by his protégé's Summer League dominance, Coach Pop finally landed the dream job that he both coveted and deserved.

1) LaMarcus Aldridge could turn Tony Parker into a star again
The 2007 Finals MVP has lost a step in recent years, but the arrival of LaMarcus Aldridge could turn the last chapters of the Hall of Famer's career into a renaissance period.


Regarding the rumors about the Spurs signing LaMarcus Aldridge
In January we posted the first article on this site discussing the (then) remote possibility of signing LaMarcus Aldridge. If we'd only known then what we know now. It brings to mind the words of a wise Argentinian philosopher: "Do not ask questions you are not ready to be answered, my child."

Kevin Durant loves Popovich as head coach of USA Basketball
KD jumping for joy at the news of Coach Pop's appointment as USA Basketball's head coach, coupled with his inclusion of The Big Fun in his all-time starting five, is a clear indicator that the Spurs are destined to sign every superstar free agent who attended the University of Texas. It's science.

Thank you Pounders for hanging strong with us during these incredible and grueling summer months. Getting to this point was truly a team effort. We could not have done it without you. Now another special season of Spurs basketball is about to begin. Let's take in every moment of it in true Spursian fashion--with humility, with reverence, with passion, and, most importantly, together. Go Spurs Go!