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Spurs earn high praise in survey of NBA general managers

San Antonio getting some love league-wide after a brilliant offseason.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

A new survey among NBA general managers that appeared on gives the San Antonio Spurs high marks in several categories.

The Cleveland Cavaliers at 53.8 percent remain the favorite to win their first-ever NBA title but the Spurs got more votes (25 percent) in second place than the reigning champions the Golden State Warriors (17.9 percent).

But it was just about every part of the organization that received plenty of accolades from their peers.


The Spurs, who are the anti-Warriors when it comes to league-wide respect, swept the coaching and front office categories. Gregg Popovich was the overwhelming choice as best coach, best manager/motivator, best with in-game adjustments and best at defensive schemes. Popovich was second in offensive schemes behind Steve Kerr of the Warriors.

The Spurs' front office got the nod for best overall offseason moves and with the move that will create the most impact, the signing of Aldridge. San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard, who re-signed with the Spurs in the offseason, was also selected as the league's best overall defensive player.

Among some of the highlights:

  • 93.1 percent of GMs voted Poppovich as the top NBA coach.
  • 44 percent believe the Spurs are the top team in the West, not the Warriors (51.7 percent).
  • San Antonio at 79.3 percent was the clear winner on which team made the best offseason moves.
  • Out of all the free agents this year, LaMarcus Aldridge (79.3 percent) will have the most impact on their team.
  • David West tied for first place with 10.3 percent of the votes on which free agent was the most underrated acquisition.
  • Kawhi Leonard is considered by most NBA GMs to not only be the best perimeter defender in the league but also the best overall defender.