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Pounding the Rock logo T-shirts are now available

At long last, it's here. And just in time for Pounding the Rock night at the AT&T Center on October 30th.

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Since I took over Pounding the Rock five years ago, the one question I get asked more than any other is: "Can we add this term to The PtR Lexicon?" But the second is, "Are we ever going to get a PtR logo T-shirt?"

Well, the answer is finally, yes.

Partnering once again with the guys at BreakingT, we have a crazy soft and yet incredibly durable shirt for sale, and for a limited time it's available with nothing but the Pounding the Rock logo on it.

ptr logo whole shirt

As long-time readers will know, BreakingT specializes in creating in-the-moment creative shirts in response to incredible sports moments as they happen. But just this once they've agreed to do a straight up logo shirt for us and I couldn't be more excited to get mine in time to wear for our first PtR night at the AT&T Center and sit in a section filled with £ers cheering on the Spurs.

They're taking orders right now, and the shirts will be printed starting Friday to ship out next Monday to be delivered by Wednesday the 28th or Thursday the 29th (no guarantees, but that's what to expect).

So, if you're like me and so many other faithful readers of this site who have been waiting patiently for a comfortable and awesome-looking shirt you can wear to represent Pounding the Rock, click here and get yourself a shirt.

Now if you're not able to make it to the game, don't worry. You can buy one too. But get it soon as it won't be available for long.

If you're in-between sizes and trying to decide; go with the larger of the two.
Shipping is USPS Priority Mail which is usually 2-day shipping time in the continental US.