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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Pistons

Well, that was a disappointing game with the blown lead and all, but there were still a handful of plays that are worth seeing a second time.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with GIF Breakdown after a holiday break for yours truly. It would have been nice to return after a win and it sure looked like the Spurs would notch their third straight after the first quarter. Tony Parker made his return and at least the Spurs are getting close to #FullSquad.


Patty Mills made his return several games ago and looks to be back in the full swing of things. After Cory Joseph and Manu Ginobili knock the ball loose, Patty Mills picks it up and pushes it the other way with Gino on his flank. A pass from CoJo to Manu takes Brandon Jennings out of the play and Manu gives it back to the now open Mills for the lay up.

patty manu

If you've been following this series for the past year or so you know that I love watching Boris Diaw go to work in the post. He has so much junk in his game and is a matchup problem for most teams with his size and deceiving quickness. Here he bullies Jonas Jerebko into the middle of the paint and finishes with a little hook before Andre Drummond can send it back.


In this play we see Manu Ginobili survey the court from the left wing as Jeff Ayres is trailing and looks to set a screen for Gino. Greg Monroe commits to taking away the baseline from Manu which leaves Ayres an open lane to cut to the hoop. A pass over the defenders from Manu leads to the easy two for Jeff.

mg j

Jennings forces Cory Joseph down the baseline as the shot clock is winding down. Drummond steps up and CoJo goes double-clutch push-shot to get the bucket to drop over the Detroit big man.


See you Pounders after the Suns game on Friday.