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Final Score: San Antonio Spurs defeat Washington Wizards, 101-92

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Washington hung tough all night, but the San Antonio defense was the difference down the stretch.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards are a good team. A very good team. They hung right with the Spurs all night long, holding a seven-point lead with five minutes left in the third quarter. From that point, San Antonio outscored Washington 35-19, including a dominating final frame in which the visitors were held to a mere 15 points.

The Spurs looked like a new team for their first game of the new year, and looked like a contending team after having the last two days off. There was balanced production around the team in support of leading scorer Cory Joseph's 19 points on 8-10 shooting, 3-4 from the line. Tim Duncan only had four points (to go with his 9 rebounds and 4 assists), but all of the rest of the starters were in double figures, as well as Boris Diaw and Patty Mills who chipped in for 14 and 15 points respectively.

There were a number of gorgeous plays on the night, but perhaps none prettier than these two, courtesy of team play and the individual brilliance of Diaw, Belinelli, and Manu Ginobili.

The Spurs now sit at 21-14. Michael Erler's full game recap will follow soon.