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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Lakers

A quick look at some of the plays that stood out in the Spurs' win over the Lakers on Friday night.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an improbable play for you guys. I know Danny's one of the two best shot-blocking guards in the game but the block he gets here is on a pretty athletic big man. Not too common a sighting. Tim gathers the rebound, pushes the ball up the floor which is a rare sight, but something you see a handful of times a season, and instead of pulling it back or giving up the ball to Tony like usual, he decides to try to an alley-opp with Kawhi Leonard. I can't remember Duncan ever dribbling three quarters of the court and trying an alley-oop with anyone. Just as improbably, somehow, Kawhi missed the dunk. That's too bad, it was probably our only chance to see that happen.


Watching Whi in the post is really fun as his game gets better and better. Here he works against Ryan Kelly, draws a double and then muscles the ball up and in after drawing contact. Nice stuff.

whi pist

Here's a nice play from Kawhi and Aron Baynes. Leonard gets the ball into the halfcourt and immediately runs a PnR with the Big Banger. That's a nice pocket pass from Whi and Baynes goes with the reverse for the score.

whi baynes

Cory Joesph isn't a great three point shooter, but if he gets the ball in the corner with this much time, it's probably going in. The official box won't give Tiago Splitter anything for this, but he gets a secondary assist with his pass to Danny Green before he sets a pick to keep CoJo free.

cojo tripple

An ugly triple attempt from Aron Baynes?  Let's move on.

baynes 3

Tony Parker looked better in this game than he has in a while. Here's a nice little spin and dish to Timmy for an easy score.

tp td

Man, I love Patty's relentlessness. Here are the Lakers trying to inbound the ball after Boris scored in the post and Ronnie Price doesn't like Patty Mills all up on him and you can see him give just a little push to Mills before turning to receive the pass. Patty doesn't quit after he gets the ball and manages to poke it out to the three point line where Patty picks it up, lines it up and knocks it down while Price just stands there until it's too late.


See you Pounders after the Bucks game on Sunday night.