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Manu Ginobili and the perfect pass

The game wasn't much fun to watch for Spurs fans, but Manu Ginobili dropped an all-time great pass in this one.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So this starts with Boris Diaw setting a screen for Patty Mills as he begins the give and go with Manu.


Without ever taking his eyes off of Patty, Manu completely gets Kirk Hinrich to bite on the most subtle fake I've ever seen. How did he do that? It's like Manu's controlling him with his mind. Manu casually swings the ball down and to Kirk's left and Kirk goes up and to the right. Manu needed every inch he created with his wiles as the ball passes through the space that was previously occupied by Hinrich's thigh.


Seriously, look how close this comes to disaster.


But once it clears the leg there's so much open floor space that the pass didn't have to be delivered so completely perfectly - in the hands and in stride. Really beautiful stuff right there.

magnificent manu

I really hope this isn't Manu's last run, I'm really going to miss this.