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Fresh perspective on the San Antonio Spurs

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's always beneficial to look at something from a new angle, and today I have three for you.

From a different source

This is the most insightful look I've seen from an opposition's blog in quite some time. Willy Ready of Blazer's Edge attended Friday's Blazer's @ Spurs game, and he does an incredible job of detailing all of the things that stood out to him: as a Portland fan, as a first-time attendee at the AT&T Center, as a student of basketball ... on and on. For example:

It's clear they [Spurs fans] know the game might be over by the middle of the third quarter so the energy starts early and often. I was shocked when a loud D-Fense chant rained down from the rafters on like the third play of the game.

I've never given a second thought to when certain chants are started, and this piece is chock full of great observations that helped me see the Spurs in ways I never have before. Take the time to read the whole thing. Yes, even the Blazer-specific parts. It's worth it.s

From a new voice

Quite a few of the writers you're used to seeing on the front page of Pounding the Rock began as members of the site. Whether they just frequented the comments section making great points, or whether they created a succession of great Fan Posts, they stood out enough for me to reach out and talk with them about writing more regularly and officially. Well, this post is from last month, and I've been looking for an opportunity to give it a larger audience, because it's so well written, thoughtful, and enjoyable. L. van der Linden gets past the conventional wisdom regarding home court advantage, and comes up with some excellent nuggets for us. A good read as San Antonio looks prepped to make their run at a better seed in the Western Conference playoffs.

Now that Kawhi Leonard is back

I just love the way the Spurs are playing over the last four games, and not merely because they've won them all -- although that certainly helps. SBNation's Satchel Price provides some excellent data to show just how dominant the team has been since Kawhi has returned from his hand injury. We have a lot of reason to be optimistic right now.