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Can the Spurs make a run up the standings before the all-star break?

With the all-star break three weeks away, here's a look at the schedules for the Western Conferences top nine teams.

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The Spurs are 27-16 and are currently sitting in the seventh seed, where they've resided since December 15th after going 10-8 in the following games. The good news going forward is that the Spurs are 8-2 over their last 10, and as we'll see, their schedule is favorable up to the all-star break.

First, a quick look at the standings by losses back. Golden State is in first, so they get a zero.

GSW - 0
POR - 5
MEM - 6
HOU - 7
DAL - 7
LAC - 8
SAS - 10
PHO - 12
OKC - 14

The Spurs have just five more losses than the second place Blazers and just three more than the fourth seed Rockets.

Here are the notable opponents for the top nine teams over the next three weeks. Notable opponents include the West's top 10 and the East's top 5.

Warriors - hosts Houston, Chicago, Phoenix*, Dallas* and at Atlanta
Trail Blazers-  hosts Washington and at Phoenix, Cleveland, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston*
Grizzlies - hosts Toronto, OKC, Atlanta and at Dallas*, Phoenix and OKC*
Rockets - hosts Dallas, Chicago and Portland and at GSW, Phoenix x2, Clippers*
Mavericks - hosts Chicago, Memphis, Portland and Clippers and at Houston*, GSW and New Orleans
Clippers - hosts Houston and at Phoenix, San Antonio, Cleveland, Toronto, OKC, New Orleans and Dallas
Spurs - hosts Clippers and at Chicago and Toronto
Suns - hosts Portland, Houston, Clippers, Washington, Chicago,Memphis and Houston and at GSW* and Portland
Thunder - hosts New Orleans, Clippers and Memphis and at Washington*, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cleveland and Memphis

* denotes SEGABABA

The Spurs certainly have the easiest schedule though they do have two back-to-backs with the SEGABABAs at home vs. the Lakers and at Indiana. They'll enjoy the light load while the rest of the West will be battling it out among themselves and someone has to pick up a loss in every one of those games. The health, the schedule (the Spurs also have a six-game home-stand), the time of year, it all points to a sustained win-streak to me. Double-digit sized.

There's been a little talk about the Spurs and Thunder being the scariest seven and eight seeds of all time, but I just don't see it. The Spurs will use the next three weeks to run up to at least fourth in the West while staring down the number two seed as we head into the final third of the season. .


What do you say Spurs fans? Now that the Spurs are healthy and the schedule is favorable, just how high will the Spurs climb in the standings when the all-star break comes? Discuss in the comments.