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Final Score: Spurs rout Jazz, 89-69

The Spurs win going away against a young Jazz team that's paying its dues.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz had trouble scoring in the first quarter. Their troubles continued through the rest of the first half. Things didn't get much better in the third, and the final stanza wasn't much to write home about either. The visitors ended up shooting 33.3% from the field for the game, and were almost down 30 before a quick run in garbage time made it a respectable 20 point loss.

The Spurs were in control from the early minutes, even though they had their own issues putting the ball through the hoop, and Kawhi Leonard had a game the box score can't do justice to. His defense, ball handling, scoring and creation aren't accurately represented by his 12-9-1-2-1. But he did have a nice play to end the first half.

And there was this bit of passing genius from the boys:

And Trevor Booker played comic relief with his reaction to Danny Green's pump fake.

The Spurs won every quarter, coasted at the end, brought home their second blowout victory in a row, and wrapped it all up by 8:15pm. Not bad for a Sunday evening.

Stay tuned for Michael Erler's recap, coming soon.