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Kawhi Leonard listed as probable for Friday's game against the Trail Blazers

Leonard could return to the lineup on Friday after missing 15 games.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs announced Kawhi Leonard has been upgraded to probable for Friday's game against the Trail Blazers:

Leonard has been out since Dec. 15 with an injury to a ligament in his right hand and has missed 15 straight games. Reports about his progress put his return day around this date but there had not been an official update by the Spurs until now. The status upgrade doesn't guarantee Leonard will play but the Spurs are typically cautious with how they handle expectations for players coming back from injury.

Leonard is averaging 15.2 point, 7.6 rebounds and two steals in 32.2 minutes a game this season. The Spurs have been 9.3 points better on defense with Leonard on the court than off, so needless to say, his return should have a significant impact on the team's performance.