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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Wizards

A quick second look at a couple of plays from another disappointing Spurs loss.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The much maligned hands of Jeff Ayres had no problem handling this lob from Manu Ginobili before throwing it down in a rare Spurs alley oop. Like most of Manu's passes on Tuesday night, this one's placement could have been better but it resulted in points and that's what we like to see. I sure hope Manu can tighten up his passes late in the game - those three turnovers he committed in a minute and a half late in the game made more of my hair turn grey.

Just a quick note about Ayres. He has not committed a turnover since December 15th. It's only 82 minutes on the court, but maybe catching all of those tennis balls from the training staff helped out.

ayres oop

My man Boris Diaw had a couple of nice scores in the paint. In the first one he catches Kris Humphries reaching and quickly goes up and knocks down a beauty of a hook.

In the second one we see Bobo fake his fellow Frenchman and fourth-quarter-stud, Kevin Seraphin, out of the picture after he had to rotate from the corner. Diaw takes it to the whole and shows great body control as he avoids Humpries, who is set to take a charge, and then puts two on the board with a pretty little finger roll.

I know we've been worried about Boris being complacent with his contract and ring, but aside from taking and missing too many threes he's putting up numbers that are almost identical to last season. He's scoring 9.1 points per game just like last season and his rebounds and assists are both up . 5 per. What is strange is that he's struggling from 0-3 feet and from deep while shooting significantly better from midrange.

boris post

bobo pretty

We'll end this quick edition with a little Tim Duncan. Cory Joseph draws a double team, finds Duncan at the elbow and the big fella beats pretty good D from Gortat with a righty hook. The Spurs need to find Timmy a little more help out there. Kawhi can't come back soon enough.

tim post

I haven't really been worried about the Spurs this season, but I really expected a win at Washington. Hopefully the good guys steady the ship and pull out a win in Charlotte tonight. That would make it five wins in the last seven games and that's good, right?