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Blazers expert examines Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard

Dave Deckard and J.R. Wilco have their first conversation since the Spurs downed the TrailBlazers in May. With so much time gone, there's plenty to talk about: free agent signings, draft picks, emerging stars, and ... George Takei vs William Shatner?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's been almost four months since the Spurs eliminated the Trail Blazers in five games. That means it's been a full 17 weeks since Dave Deckard and I have gotten together to do one of my favorite blog-things: Fraternizing with the Enemy. Our last installment was on May 14th -- just before Game 5 -- and that's simply too long to go without hearing from a man whose opinion I respect on just about every topic imaginable.

As for the topics in this Frat, we start off with the playoffs, compare signings, and plan to look at each team's expectations for the coming season. We'll compare the career arcs of Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard, talk about Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw leading the French in the FIBA World Cup, and get Dave's thoughts on Kyle Anderson. But first, it's a look at last year's playoffs, speed dating, and George Takei vs William Shatner.

For anyone who's forgotten how the format works, new replies are added to the post as soon as they're finished, so keep checking back, or follow on Twitter, to see where the conversation goes next.