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Get your own Kawhi "The Hand" T-shirt

The Hand. The Salute. The T-shirt.

Kawhi Leonard has big hands. You might have heard this about him. You might also have heard that before last Halloween, when asked what he'd be dressing up as, he replied, "Kawhi Leonard: Superhero." Combine these two, and the nickname that some of his teammates seem to prefer, The Hand, and you get the salute the bench loves to do after Kawhi makes a good play. The salute the whole team did when he received the Finals MVP trophy.

And if it's not just the players. Pounding the Rock's own Chris Itz told me he was recently sitting in his car -- which has a Spurs logo on the back, naturally -- and a guy on a bike rode by and put up "The Hand" as he passed. According to Itz, the rider didn't just flash the salute, he held it for a solid five seconds, pedaling smoothly. Playing it cool and not looking back. And Itz doesn't even live in San Antonio.

That's the kind of thing that makes me glad we chose the following design to be our second BreakingT shirt offered to all of you.


We went back and forth over a number of designs. But once I saw this one, I knew we'd found a winner. These shirts are high quality, super soft, and they age exceptionally well. If you're trying to choose between sizes, go with the larger of the two.

Also, BreakingT is giving a discount to anyone who has purchased a 5-Time Champs T-shirt and shares a picture of themselves in their tee on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #BreakingT. They will send you a promo code that can be used at checkout when purchasing the new Kawhi Hand Salute T-shirt.


If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the comments.