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Jeff Ayres gets a 67 overall rating in NBA 2K15

2K Sports is starting to reveal the overall ratings list for NBA 2K15, and Jeff Ayres is the first Spur to show up.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

NBA 2K15 is a month away from release (October 7), and those at 2K Sports have begun unveiling the overall player ratings list.

The official Twitter account, @NBA2K, will announce the ratings in order from worst to best. The account tweeted the first group on September 3 and the list revealed the first Spurs player: Jeff Ayres.

Ayres, at a 67 overall rating, is the lowest ranked Spur in the game and No. 403 out of 424 players.

Ayres averaged 3.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in 13 minutes per game last year, and mostly played in garbage time. Throughout the season, he competed with Aron Baynes to not be the last player on the frontcourt depth chart and often lost that battle.

However, this is a step up from NBA 2K14, which had Ayres at a 64 overall rating before the season began. He can improve his rating by working on his hand skills and improving his mid-range jumper, as he shot just 31.43% last season.

He often tries to pump up his teammates and the crowd with a slam dunk whenever possible, so at least there's one move you know you can use with him.