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Marco Belinelli's best cuts Part II

Last time we looked at some of the ways that Marco gets his open layups and this time we'll look at the relationships between Timmy and Marco and especially Manu and Marco

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Marco and Timmy:

The re-post of Tim Duncan in this play is enough to grab the attention of the entire Kings team. As soon as Duncan gets the ball back from Danny Green, Marco catches the defense standing around waiting for Duncan to do his thing and darts to the hoop where Timmy finds him wide open in the middle of the lane.


Here Belinelli goes with a fake around a Jeff Ayres pick, but as Sefolosha is ready to go over the screen Beli doubles back and Tim delivers a nice pass right by Serge Ibaka. Check out the shot that Marco hits -- really tough and it barely hits the net.


This time Marco goes with a give-and-go/delay from the top of the arc. He passes to Tim at the elbow, slightly fakes left and then streaks down the middle of the lane just ahead of the defense and Timmy puts the pass on the money for Marco to get a little reverse to drop.


This time Tim and Marco take advantage of a little miscommunication between Ty Lawson and Randy Foye. As Tony Parker comes to the left side to set a screen for Marco, Lawson and Foye are both really focused on TP and Marco slips through the backdoor for an uncontested score.


Here's one of his fakes followed by a baseline cut. QB Tim leads him and the two team up for a mild alley-oop layup.


It must be frustrating to chase Marco around only to have him score easily. Beli curls around Diaw who gets a piece of Matt Barnes to help Marco get open. Blake Griffin is pulled further from the hoop as Diaw moves back to the arc after setting the pick and Belinelli is free to put up his layup.


This is a quick way to score out of "motion weak" and I'm not sure what Monta Ellis is thinking here, but Timmy and Marco take advantage of the situation and the Spurs get an easy bucket.


Same thing against Phoenix. This time Beli kind of fakes and has to cut a little bit harder.


Marco and Manu:

It seems like Marco is at his best when he's on the floor with Manu Ginobili. The two seem to share an almost psychic connection sometimes.

Marco gives it to Manu in the corner and fakes Mike Miller into going over an Ayres screen which frees the lane for Belinelli and Gino lobs it up for a nice alley-oop-layup.


Sometimes you just have to get open. Belinelli yanks his way to an open shot here and Gino tallies another assist.


Bonus points for so thoroughly losing Derek Fisher with this direction change and the score features a beautiful connection.


What's not to love about this one. It features a nasty, defender-spliting pocket pass from Ginobili, Beli sneaking all the way to the hoop before anyone on the Lakers notices, and a two-hand dunk from the Italian.


Here's Marco sneaking down the baseline as Manu drives. Gino has a way of drawing a team's attention and he finds his buddy for an easy two.


Here, Belinelli uses an off-ball screen from Tiago Splitter to make his way into the lane where Manu hits him with an absolutely gorgeous pass. Marco somehow hits this tough shot from the other side of the backboard.


James Harden glances back to make sure that Belinelli is still in the corner and Marco flies down the WIDE OPEN baseline and The Manu feeds him right at the basket. That's about as easy as it gets.


Belinelli fools Landry Fields by cutting bak to the hoop and Gino finds him again with a nice assist.


Stay tuned for the next installment.