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NBA virtual 1-on-1 Tournament: Paul George vs Dirk Nowitzki

Paul George has dominated his first two rounds, but Dirk is his biggest challenge yet.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The third round of the PtR Summer Showdown continues with a healthy Paul George and a dynamite Dirk Nowitzki.

The Rules

It is a half-court game in which the scoring increments are 1 point for everything inside the arc and 2 points for everything outside the arc, so long-distance bombers will do well in our tourney.  The higher seed starts off with the ball and the first player to 11 points wins. The possession switches every time the ball is scored, and your votes determine the winner.

Paul George (2nd Seed)

Do not take into account PG's leg injury when voting for the winner of this game.

I expected Paul George to struggle in this tournament. He doesn't have the most consistent jump shot. He doesn't have the most efficient offensive game. The two things he had swinging in his favor were his 3-point shot and defensive advantage. It seems by the results of the first two rounds that those are the two most important aspects needed to win.

PG took on a very tough opponent in Round 2. Klay Thompson can hit 3-point shots and he can defend well. It turns out that the size advantage really put George over the top against Thompson, but now he faces an opponent much bigger than Thompson.

Dirk stands close to seven-feet tall, and he is a serious threat to being able to score on anyone who guards him, including George. George's defensive advantage may be irrelevant thanks to Dirk's tricky jump shot and veteran savvy.

Dirk Nowitzki (4th Seed)

It is clear from the comments that the voters think Dirk's height advantage has been a factor in getting past his first two opponents. He faces a different breed in his third matchup of the tournament.

Paul George is easily Dirk's toughest opponent to date. He is going to give him the most problems when trying to score. He has a speed advantage over Dirk. However, Nowitzki still has a distinct height advantage, and he has that unblockable jump shot. I have a feeling that the voters will have very mixed opinions on the winner of this one.

Now It's Your Turn

This is where you decide the outcome. Vote on the poll below and make sure to let your opinion be known in the comments of this article.