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Quiz: Test your knowledge of the pre-Duncan Spurs history

Find out how much you know about the Spurs before Timmy arrived on the scene.


You guys did pretty well in the first quiz where we tested your knowledge of the Spurs' championship season. This one may be a little harder as we'll be going back at least 18 seasons to a time before Duncan, to a time before a championship, to a time when some of you may not have even been alive.

It's been a long time since the Spurs were without their legendary power forward and the question is how much do you know about the Spurs before Timmy joined the franchise in 1997? To find out, I've designed a very simple, short quiz with 10 questions to test your knowledge. It's a multiple-choice quiz and there is a hint available if you can't figure out the answer. After you are done, post your result in the comments, along with how many hints you needed. And no cheating! Googling and visiting any stats page is strictly forbidden.

Have fun!