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Boris Diaw is more suave than you can imagine

Basketball player. NBA Champion. Photographer. Foodie. Oenophile.

Just try to be as urbane as Diaw.
Just try to be as urbane as Diaw.
Boris Diaw

After helping the Spurs defeat the Miami Heat in the Finals, Boris Diaw then went to Europe where he lead the French national team to a third place finish in the FIBA World Cup. Finally able to rest before the 2014-15 NBA season, Boris took a moment to enjoy the finer things in life, and take a picture of himself doing so.

Not only did Boris post this to his Instagram account, but he also included a little message to his coach, "No worries pop only one glass of wine and daily workouts!"

While training camp has already come to San Antonio, Diaw was allowed to in Europe, rest up, and join the Spurs when they play some friendlies on the Continent. Enjoy yourself, Bo-Bo. Pop will have you run those calories off soon enough.