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Danny Green is a "scrub" and more Spurs Talk

Listen in as I ask Phil the question you've been dying to ask him: why is Danny Green a scrub? His answer might surprise you.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you just have to ask questions. It's much easier than making assumptions and on today's Phil Naessens Show I had the opportunity to ask Phil a question in order to get him on the record about the "insult" he loves to throw around regarding one of the Spurs. During our discussion about J. Gomez's article which made the case that Danny Green is more than a system player, I asked Phil:

Why do you always refer to Danny Green as a "scrub"?

Also joining Phil on the show to talk Blazers ball is the great Dave Deckard, of Blazers Edge, to talk Portland Trail Blazers, and our old friend Kevin Lipe who discusses Memphis Grizzlies hoops. I heard a rumor the guys will be discussing Matt Moore's coach-ranking article but you'll have to listen in for yourself. I'll leave the player below or you can download the show on Phil's site.