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Report: Aron Baynes is expected to sign with Spurs

Looks like the last of the unsigned Spurs will be coming back for another run.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The last couple of times we talked about Aron Baynes, it wasn't with much optimism about him rejoining the Spurs in their title defense. The mutterings and grumblings were all about how the Spurs were ready to do a sign-and-trade if another NBA team was interested in him, and the stories about how Banger was looking into playing in Europe. With the contract offer from the Spurs apparently not sweet enough, things weren't looking good -- until Buck Harvey dropped this tidbit last night:

Even those who aren't keeping score are likely to feel happy for Baynesie, whose physical play on the court, and easy-going demeanor off it, have gained him a sizable number of fans for a player who hasn't seen too many meaningful minutes.

So -- it seems the Spurs will head into the coming season with every single player from last year, with the sole addition of a rookie, 1st round draft pick Kyle Anderson.

Buckle up, £ers, it's going to be an enjoyable season.