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Matt Bonner sees biggest improvement among Spurs players in NBA 2K15

It's the year of the Red Mamba.

Andy Lyons

Raise your hand if you had Matt Bonner as the Spurs player with the biggest rating increase in NBA 2K15.


Yeah, me too. Bonner will rise from a 58 overall rating in 2K14 to 73 overall in 2K15, according to a leak that surfaced last week. The 15-point improvement is the biggest leap upward on the Spurs roster in the game. Considering he was at 51 in 2K13, he's made a heck of a leap over the past couple years.

How did this happen? Well, I'm not sure. Last year, Bonner averaged the least amount of minutes in his career at 11.3 per game in the regular season, and his playoff minutes were cut by more than half compared to the 2013 postseason (13.4 to 6.2 per game).

Though he didn't produce at a great level, Bonner did start Games 5 and 6 in the Western Conference Finals against the Thunder. His contribution came from stretching the floor and drawing defenders out of the paint, which helped the Spurs' inside scoring abilities. Oklahoma City knew the Red Mamba's biggest skill is 3-point shooting and didn't want to risk any open outside looks.

Bonner is slow, doesn't like to shoot in the paint, can't handle the ball well and tends to shoot a noticeably poorer percentage from beyond the arc in the playoffs. But he's the Red Rocket. What other reason do you need to have him on your team?

For anyone who plays with Bonner in 2K15, simply follow the hashtag phrase that he's well known for: #LetBonnerShoot.