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Tim Duncan to appear in "The Punisher" comic

Win a championship, get yourself into your favorite comic book? Sounds about right.

Marvel Comics

It's safe to say that Tim Duncan loves Marvel Comics' The Punisher, and has for years. Early in 2012, a fanpost on this site blew up when one of our fabulous community members, janieannie, posted a picture of Duncan's knee brace during a pre-game practice, before he'd put the protective covering on it -- revealing a custom-painted Punisher logo, in all its glory, covering the entire front of the brace.

Yeah, it's pretty cool.

But that's likely to be eclipsed by the latest news that Duncan and his auto customization store, BlackJack Speed Shop, will make an appearance in the pages of The Punisher. Per the shop's facebook page:

For any of you who don't read small print underneath pictures, I'll repeat the crux of this awesomeness: Not only will Duncan, BlackJack and a pretty sweet car be in the comic together, but they'll be building a replica of the car that will be auctioned/won (the details are fuzzy at the moment) with the benefits going to a San Antonio charity.

Again, it's pretty cool.

h/t to Project Spurs for finding this first