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Kawhi Leonard - Coast to Coast

In the 18th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at Kawhi Leonard taking it the length of the floor to get his points.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard has become quite the weapon in transition. He's great running a break with help where he can finish or spot up and knock down triples. He's also fantastic at getting it done all by himself.

Here it just looks like Memphis wasn't expecting Whi to try to take it all the way to the rack. The Grizz are getting ready to set up their half-court defense and Kawhi sees a lane and gets to the hoop for a layup.


Grabbing the board and pushing the pace, Kawhi beats Amar'e Stoudamire at the wing and Jeff Ayres helps out with a nice block.


Leonard grabs the rebound and immediately pushes it up the floor, beating Chase Budinger and finishing around Ricky Rubio. Not much Ricky could do here with Duncan ready for a pass and Leonard with a momentum, size, and athleticism advantage.


Leonard plays the passing lane and picks off a pass from Enes Kanter to FirstName LastName. Then he's off, going behind his back to lose promising rookie Trey Burke and then finishing with a left hand jam.


Here Whi grabs a defensive board and then just beats the entire Bucks team down the floor on his way to a nice dunk. That's horrible defense and Leonard takes advantage. Is it just me, or does it look like Brandon Knight (#11) forgot what team he was on and is looking for a kick-out at the wing?


Gotta tighten up those passes with the long arms of Kawhi lurking. The Bobcats learn that lesson after Kawhi pokes the ball away from Charlotte to get a breakaway flush.


Pop disciple Jacque Vaughn couldn't have been happy with this transition effort. Kawhi picks up a rebound near his own corner, turns and takes it up the court against a Magic team that wasn't ready for this quick attack. Leonard blows right past the swimming Arron Afflalo and throws it down.


Here's a nice score in traffic from the young forward. After weaving his way through the middle of the floor he challenges Kenneth Faried, wins the battle and draws a foul along the way.


Here's another score against the Nuggets. This time Whi steals the ball from Faried and takes it the other way for an uncontested dunk.


After Patty Mills saves the ball from going out of bounds Kawhi races down the floor and finishes with an explosive jam around a floor-bound Dirk Nowitzki.


This is quite the impressive score. Whi cleans up the glass, sees the defense on its heels, evades a steal attempt from Shawn Marion and then uses a burst to get through DeJuan Blair and Vince Carter. Leonard finishes the play with an emphatic jam.

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