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Will this "Gregg Popovich next president" bumper sticker start a grass roots movement?

From bumper sticker, to campaign. From San Antonio to Washington D.C. From the AT&T Center to the White House!

And so it begins, with this tweet from Dave Finocchio, the founder of Bleacher Report:

Gregg Popovich's team has won five NBA championships. He's a three-time recipient of the Coach of the Year. He's just signed a new contract extension to stay with the San Antonio Spurs for an undisclosed number of years, but what would he do if his country called? How would he respond to an overwhelming, grass roots movement?

Popovich regularly sprinkles random bits of non-sports related wisdom into his pre-game press conferences -- and the early responses to Finocchio's tweet have been positive -- but how would a man as media-averse as Pop deal with the demands of handling the press as the leader of the free world? How could someone as notoriously terse with reporters as the Spurs' coach, stay on the good side of White House correspondents? San Antonio is one thing, D.C. is another.

So what if there's no chance that he'd leave the Spurs to run for president -- as the tweet plainly shows, there's at least one Marine in California driving a 2005 Buick LeSabre who thinks Pop would do just fine.

And if you want your own "Pop for President" T-shirt, the good folks at BreakingT already have one ready to go.