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Patty Mills rated 77 overall in NBA 2K15

After losing weight and proving to be a killer beyond the arc, Patty Mills will get an eight-point increase in his overall rating in NBA 2K15.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Patty Mills became a new player in the 2013-14 season, and for that will see his NBA 2K15 rating increase from 69 to 77, according to a recent leak.

Mills spent the summer of 2013 getting into the best shape of his career, and it catapulted him up to the backup point guard spot. During the 2012-13 season, Cory Joseph was the backup point guard and Mills competed with Nando De Colo for the third string spot. Last season, he averaged career highs in minutes played and 3-pointers made per game, his biggest asset on offense.

Seeing Mills score his 17 points in the Game 5 of the Finals seemed to wrap up an amazing comeback story. He went from averaging only 3.4 minutes in the 2013 postseason to delivering blow after blow to the gut of the Heat.

Mills shows great hustle and brings energy off the bench, but he still struggles as a one-on-one defender. His height also can work against him, as he stands just 6 feet tall. However, his 3-point shooting will make it very tempting to get him.

One thing to watch out for in the game, however, is if the first roster update will reflect Mills' shoulder injury. He'll be recovering from surgery on his right rotator cuff for the first half of the season, and the NBA 2K series usually keeps rosters as accurate as possible, taking account for injuries as well.