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Danny Green rated 78 overall in NBA 2K15

Danny Green's performance last season shows how crucial 3-and-D guys can be for any team.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Like nearly all the Spurs in the game, Danny Green's overall rating will rise in NBA 2K15, according to a recent leak. Green will be rated 78 overall, up from his 73 rating in 2K14.

Though Kawhi Leonard is known as the top defender on the team, Green's defense came up huge for the team when they played opponents who had two big threats on offense. He most notably made Kevin Durant work on offense when Leonard switched to defending Russell Westbrook, and he kept Dwyane Wade under control for most of the Finals. Aside from that assignment, Green did a great job overall in making the game much more difficult for Miami.

2K users won't have much of a problem with Green's skills translating to the game. A classic 3-and-D guy is always useful. Those who know Green's game will tell you he's a sub-par ball handler and finisher at the rim, but those are qualities that shouldn't be as glaring in the game.

Green has trouble creating his own shot, as he spends most of his time on offense rotating to find his own open 3-point look. If you have other stars on your team that can draw defenses in, Green is a great guy to have to make them pay when they're not paying attention.