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Spurs NBA2K15 rankings leaked

In this year's game there are four players that received an overall rating of 90 or higher. One of those four is a Spur and it's not Tony Parker.

Andy Lyons

2K Sports publishes the popular NBA2K video game series and they've been teasing their individual player ratings leading up to the game's October 7th release. The game developers have not released their highest rated players yet, but it appears that Royce Young of Daily Thunder was informed that according to Operation Sports, Kevin Durant has a 95 overall rating. That leaves just three other players that could be rated 90 or higher and we all know that LeBron James is one of those three.

If we are to believe the legitimacy of this leaked photo, 38-year old Tim Duncan is rated a 90 in this year's game. I guess he got a little boost after picking up his fifth championship or maybe there's a teammate/legend parameter and Tim picked up a couple points there. It seems like quite a stretch to say that Tim is currently a top-4 player in the NBA, but he's certainly still an elite two-way big man and he'll be the rock he always has been as the Spurs look to win back-to-back titles for the first time in franchise history.

The rest of the roster is rated as follows according to the photo:

Tony Parker - 88
Danny Green - 78
Kawhi Leonard - 85
Tiago Splitter - 77
Manu Ginobili - 83
Boris Diaw - 78
Patty Mills - 77
Marco Belinelli - 75
Matt Bonner - 73
Jeff Ayres - 67
Austin Daye - 67
Cory Joseph - 73

Breakdowns for each of player's ratings are coming soon. Jeff Ayres' is already here.