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Grizzlies expert asks how the Spurs were built

J. Gomez talks with Kevin Yeung of Grizzly Bear Blues about the Spurs' approach to team building, their defense, Ettore Messina, and J's favorite part of the Spurs offense.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Pounding the Rock is proud to team up with Kevin Yeung (you can follow him on twitter @KevinHFY) of Grizzly Bear Blues to talk some Spurs. Kevin is producing a series where he talks to a writer from each NBA team's SBNation blog to learn more about each team and his conversation with our Jesus Gomez (Edg5) is fantastic. So dig in and find out what part of that pretty Spurs offense is Gomez' favorite and just how good he thinks the 2014-15 Spurs will be.