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Jeff Ayres' best scores of 2013-14

The 15th installment of the "best of" series.

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Let's take a look at some of Jeff Ayres' better scores of the season. These are mostly dunks as Ayres made 36 of his 101 buckets by throwing it down.

Number Ten:

Let's start with Ayres diving to the basket and Boris Diaw flipping him a pass a little behind him. I think we all know that Jeff sometimes has problems handling passes, but here he gathers a tough one that forces him to turn his back to the basket to grab the ball and then continue his spin until he is at the basket. Since Kevin Love is the rim protector at this point Jeff has no problem getting his shot to fall. Pretty smooth.


Number Nine:

Ayres is rewarded for his hustle late in the Spurs' rout of the Pacers in Indy here. Jeff is really fast for his size and he beats everyone down the floor where Danny Green finds him open for the two-hand jam.


Number Eight:

Fan favorite Patty Mills hits Ayres with a pass out of a PnR and the big man throws down a monster dunk against the Warriors. If I remember right, Popovich wasn't too happy with Jeff's preening after this one, but it was a pretty sweet jam.


Number Seven:

Jeff only played 65 minutes and he scored 17 points during the championship run. Here's his best playoff score. He gets the ball in the crowded paint from Marco Belinelli and turns and scores over Derek Fisher. Extra points for scoring on Fish.


Number Six:

Early in the season Will Sevening worked with Ayres to address his trouble handling passes from his teammates by throwing tennis balls at him. He still has his problems, but here he gathers a beautiful lob from Manu Ginobili with one hand and keeps Klay Thompson from blocking his layup by bringing the ball left before finishing once Klay is back on the floor.


Number Five:

This is Jeff's first score in a Spurs uniform. It came on opening night against the Grizzlies and it happened off of a Danny Green/Ayres semi-pick-and-roll (how many times did that happen? Once?) Ayres handles the bounce-pass and finishes with one of his many dunks of the year.


Number Four:

Manu and Ayres run a pick-and-roll against the poor Magic that leads to a nice alley-oop. I can't remember exactly how many alley-oops the Spurs completed the two years prior to this last one, but it might have been three. Last season we were treated to quite a few, so that's fun.


Number Three:

The CoJo/Ayres delayed pick-and-roll. Cory Joseph makes a great bounce-pass between a couple defenders and Jeff gathers it on his way to a huge dunk.


Number Two:

This makes it this high for the gorgeous behind-the-back bounce-pass that Tim Duncan delivers to Ayres as he cuts through the open lane. Ayres finishes the play with one of his big dunks.


Number One:

Manu feeds the trailing Ayres with a nice pass that leads to a ferocious throw down from the big man.


Stay tuned for the next installment.