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NBA virtual 1-on-1 Tournament: Blake Griffin vs Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a seasoned shooter, while Blake is a young, athletic player. It is going to be a close one.


The next matchup in the 1-on-1 Summer Showdown is between two players who counter eachother's game very well, and it is a perfect four versus five matchup.

The Rules

It is a half court game in which the scoring increments are 1 point for everything inside the arc, and 2 points for everything outside the arc. So long-distance bombers will do well in our tourney.  The higher seed stars off with the ball and the first player to 11 points wins. The possession switches every time the ball is scored, and your votes determine the winner.

Blake Griffin (4th Seed)

Blake Griffin is one of the few big-men that made some waves during the voting stages. BG is an above average shooter for his size, he is a ferocious rebounder and defender and he has ridiculous athleticism. It isn't quite the combination that puts you ahead of the field, but it is a skill set that is not common in this tournament. Preparing for Blake is going to be a nightmare, on both ends of the floor.

Joe Johnson (5th Seed)

JJ is another player that is built for this tournament. He is a deadly shooter, has nice size and is extremely good in crunch time. His defense is poor, but it isn't something he will have to rely on too much due to Blake's streaky jumpers. He has to avoid giving Blake any sort of chance to get closer to the basket.

I don't see this match being a blowout from either side. Johnson is an elite scorer who can't defend Blake, while Blake is a streaky shooter and an excellent defender. This is a perfect four, five matchup.

Now It's Your Turn

This is where you decide the outcome. Vote on the poll below and make sure to let your opinion be known in the comments of this article.